Help with INN setup. HELP

Help with INN setup. HELP

Post by Nathan Stratt » Sat, 24 Sep 1994 23:02:24

    Hi, I am trying to set up a news feed form sprint and I am having a
lot to problems. First I added and for test purposes
added to /usr/lib/news/host.nntp when I am on and telnet to port 119 I get connect refused. Why is this
do you need something other then in that file. Also when
I start INN I run /usr/lib/news/etc/ and I think that all I need
to d. Is it, is there a way to run it at startup? Oh, I also removed the
nntp line in /etc/ined.conf, sprint said I needed to. Please, If you can
help send me some mail I need to get this working today, sprint dose not
work on the weekends. :-)

Thank's for all of your help.

Nathan Stratton     CEO NovaNet, Inc. On-Line Communication Services


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RedHat 7
inn 2.2.3-3
Jeffrey Bacon  
Java Programmer Extrordinaire!

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