Flexfax -- "Can not find port number for 'fax' service" -- ???

Flexfax -- "Can not find port number for 'fax' service" -- ???

Post by Brian Raymond Doher » Tue, 14 Mar 1995 06:39:40

I just installed Flexfax 2.2.2pl1 on my system, and I got it compiled and installed and the
faxd server is running.  However, whenever I run faxstat or sendfax I get the above error.
What is wrong?  Do I need to edit /etc/services?

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1. FlexFax: Can not reach "fax" service at host ""

Hi there,

I have FlexFax 2.2.1 installed but anything like faxstat and
sendfax give me the following response:

Can not reach "fax" service at host ""

I set the FAXSERVER variable to but I tried the
normal server name, too.

Telnet and ftp and so on work.

My services file contains the following line

fax             4557/tcp                        # FAX transmission servicw

Has anybody some idea what's wrong
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you & cu

PS: I am using 0.99pl13  

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