term + smail

term + smail

Post by James Richard L » Tue, 13 Sep 1994 12:38:54

I was looking through the Term.HOWTO and tried to set up smail on my
Linux box to mail off to the net.  I didn't have much luck.  I was
wondering if any one could send me a copy of there
config, transporter,routes and any other smail config files.  

Also anyone know what the forward database is for??  I couldn't find any
docs on it.  My logfile states bad or missing forward datebase.  Any ideas
what should be in this file?  

Last but not least... with no configuration files, smail on my Box works
great... but as soon as I do mkconfig in the smail directory, I can nologer
senf mail.  If you need more specifics to help, please mail me at

Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance

James R. Leu
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee - Computer Science
UNIX Consultant


term + smail

Post by hur.. » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 00:22:45

I am geting this error:

/usr/lib/config :phrase error : expected '=' after attribute name

my config file:



I tried a few different addresses, but got the same error.  Yes I did look at
the docs.  I bought a book on sendmail (750 pages O'reilly $ associates)  

I am trying to set up pine to work, so amy information in that direction would
be appreciated.  

Is there a FAQ on how to set the config files up for smail and pine ?

what is the difference between smail and sendmail

Email me at:



1. Term+smail does not queue mail??

I have term115 and smail installed. When I have the
term connection up and do a tredir 25 25, mail works
fine.  I can send mail out over the term connection.
However, without the term connection it fails:

... failed: (ERR_14 8) transport termsmtp: connect: Connection refused  

It fails in the sense mail is returned to the sender
rather than being queued.

This is really annoying. I should be able to write up
all my mail and then call up and do a  runq to send all
the queued mail, which is also  how it is alluded in the

It seems that somewhere in the smail jungle something
has to be set but where and what?


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