Processor Affinity

Processor Affinity

Post by N. Ga » Sat, 01 Feb 2003 05:17:28


Is there processor affinity on RHL Advanced Server 2.1 and if yes, how
can this be controlled on a SMP machine ? I.e. is there a way to bind
processes to specific procs. from the user shell ?

Thank You



1. processor affinity

I have a scheduling question:  I wrote this little jewel:

main() {

and ran it on my quad-pro box here using 2.1.92.  This process
bounces around from CPU to CPU.  I'd expect it to "glue itself"
to one processor and stick to get max cache benefit.  Is there
something more to be done on my part to enable "processor affinity"
of some sort?

It bounces around at the rate of 1-2 times per second, with no other
load at all on the system, other than normal net interrupts and
daemon stuff...

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