recompiling rgb.txt

recompiling rgb.txt

Post by Jeff De » Mon, 21 Mar 1994 02:50:50

    I need to add a few color-names to my X system (because SCO's X software
asks for them when I display them on my Linux box.)

    It's easy enough to add them to /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt, but it looks as
if this file is then compiled into a database of some sort.  SCO's X offers
a utility to do this compilation, but the resulting files don't work on
Linux.  Is there an equivalent utility on Linux?  I can't find it in
the man pages or the FAQs.

    Help would be appreciated.


1. rgb.txt replaced by Xcms.txt?

It appears that /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt has been replaced by a file Xcms.txt in
the same directory. The slackware distribution that I got from the Info-Magic
CD-ROM (November 95) includes an Xcms.txt with only very few color names
defined. A few basic things like "blue" and "red" are there, but my all-time
favorits from rgb.txt e.g. "linen", "DarkGoldenrod", etc. are missing!

Does anybody know of a Xcms.txt that is backward-compatible with rgb.txt?

Paul Stravers
Philips Research.           Zap the Web at

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