Help - can't get PCMCIA ethernet card to work under Linux

Help - can't get PCMCIA ethernet card to work under Linux

Post by Alasdair McAndr » Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hi there,

I've recently spent some time tying to get my 3Com 3C589 PCMCIA
ethernet card to work under Linux.  It works fine under DOS, but
that's not good enough.  I've recompiled te Linux kernel to allow
support for loadable modules, and compiled the PCMCIA software
according to the PCMCIA-HOWTO.

All seems to be going well; cardmgr loads, the card appears to be
recognized by the system, but whenever I try checking it (by removing
and then inserting the card), I get two high beeps (indicating that
the card is recognized) and then a low beep, with the message:

SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

and I don't know what to do.  The laptop is an Ascentia 910n, which
uses an i82365 clone as its socket driver.

If anyone has any useful advice, I'd be delighted if you'd let me know.


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Help - can't get PCMCIA ethernet card to work under Linux

Post by Karl_Kleinpa.. » Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Several suggestions:
1. Check /var/adm/messages to see what the system doesn't like about it.
2. Run the cardinfo utility, and see how it changes as the card is
inserted.  It should show up in a "ready" state with an appropriate
port and IRQ selection.
3. Make sure that /etc/pcmcia/network does appropriate configuration

I'd be very surprised if the card is at fault; it's almost certainly a
configuration problem.  My 3c589b is a wondrous device.


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Thanks in advance,

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