"Weird" errors with SCSI, Adaptec 1542B & Linux 1.1.36

"Weird" errors with SCSI, Adaptec 1542B & Linux 1.1.36

Post by s.. » Tue, 02 Aug 1994 06:43:32

"Weird - unlocked, clean and not uptodate buffer on List 2 801 14352"

Usually many such lines, with the last set(s) of numbers changing.

In addition, almost every time I do an e2fsck on either or both of my drives, I

        "Free blocks count wrong (183849, counted=183693). FIXED"
        "Free inodes count wrong (71043, counted=71024). FIXED"

(if I invoked e2fsck with -fap).  Of course, the numbers do change every
time is it run.

What can I do to correct this?

I am using an Adaptec 1452B SCSI controller.  The drives are SCSI-I, one
made by Conner, the other CDC (I think).

With Linux kernel v:1.09, I do not get the "Weird..." message, but the "Free
blocks count wrong" is almost always there.

Any suggestions to help track this down and fix it will be appreciated.



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