Lost Memory found, perhaps.

Lost Memory found, perhaps.

Post by Norman Uhlma » Fri, 05 Aug 1994 04:51:28

Hi guys,
I read that some of you had probs with Linux.

Linux got 2 Megs of memory, without saying for what.

I had the same problem, and found the solution:

I recompiled the kernel, and disabe led    led the kernel profiling
Thus the new kernel was  [Dthe same big, but the 2 Megs of data
whitch where before decreased to 0.2Megs.

I was very happy.

Message before:

kernel 406 kb  ram 384  data 2000

message after:
kernel ~400 kb  ram ~384 data 388

The kernel boot message sayed that i have only 288 kb data,
and not 2000 kb like before.

now i have 2 megs more memory.

Hope to have helped



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I have the following script:

FIND_C="find . -follow -name '*.c' -exec egrep -i '$REGEXP' /dev/null {} \;"
find . -follow -name '*.c' -exec egrep -i "$REGEXP" /dev/null {} \; > $FILE
# Does not work
eval $FIND_C ">" $FILE

Okay, now if I take the file redirection out, the results above still hold:
find ...     #works -->regexp found
$FIND_C      #fails -->quietly works, but with no results
eval $FIND_C #works -->regexp found

Assuming that I'm not doing anything stupid 8)... why does the second
one fail?

I'm wondering if there is some subtle interaction going on between
subshells, or maybe in the second one, the shell doesn't interpret
$FIND_C twice like it would in eval?

that is in the eval line, the current shell interprets $FIND_C, then
eval interprets the interpretation in a subshell.  Is that right?

thanks again.

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