help!!!! my sound card does not work???

help!!!! my sound card does not work???

Post by masiav » Fri, 07 Oct 1994 12:39:42

I found on my pc-linux.....there is a
directory called..../usr/src/linux/drives/sound......

There is a file called Readme.linux.... at the end of the file there is a
program which is recommended to be cut.... and run....

I did that, but it did not work....
This is what I did....
1).. cut the program from the file called Readme.linux in the sound
directory.. then I called it installsound.
2)...Then I change the mode of the program to "chmod a+x installsound"
3)... I inside the sound dir... I typed installsound.
4)...I also typed "make" itself in the same directory...
I got some error....

5)....I also typed "make" inside dir... /linux/kernel....I got some error...

6)...I look for sndstat... I found it inside the /dev/...
7)...I also found two new files called audio in /dev/.....
8)....I reboot the computer ...the sound card initializayion...did not
take place..
9).......It did not work...
10)... Please help...

p.s. would you tell me some about make command....
      and also about the new version of kernel and how I upgrate mine
from know how to use ftp....but I have not
download linux programs such as d1,d2...d5.....I love to learn how to do
it....If you have some time to explain would be great....
thanks for your help.....



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