Has anyone got UPS working (the X debugger) ?

Has anyone got UPS working (the X debugger) ?

Post by f.. » Mon, 11 Oct 1993 14:12:13

        Ok, I downloaded the UPS de* for X.  Listened to the way
neat song that came with it.  Got all psyched to try to hack the thing
into operation.  Failed the xmkmf... poked it a bit... still failed...
changed the makefile by hand to get it to compile... it started then
barfed on the system specific stuff (no big surprise) looked at the
code, turned pale at the magnitude of the changes I would have to
make, then decided to ask if anyone else has had any luck (or had no
luck, any feedback is cool)  So if you have only downloaded it and
looked please e-mail me with any experiences.  Sadly I can't keep up
with the flow of these two groups (and still have a prayer of passing
some classes) so please e-mail me.
                   Ben Bennett.


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