WD 220 MB and Maxtor 540 MB

WD 220 MB and Maxtor 540 MB

Post by John F. Dav » Wed, 22 Jun 1994 00:02:45

I've read a few post concerning 540 MB Hard Drives and I have a few
questions.  My friend tells me that mixing a western digital and a maxtor
causes pborblems, and that 540 MB drives are flakey in general.  I've seen a
few posts complaining that linux has problems with 540MB disks also.

So here's the problem.  I want to do a complete install of linux (sources
and all) so I do some socket programming.  Currently, I have a 220MB Western
Digital IDE hard disk and a 100 MB Toshiba SCSI and a Toshiba 3401
CD-ROM.  The SCSI card I use it an Adaptec 1542C.  Mixing the SCSI
devices and the IDE was simple.  Believe it or not, but I had zero problems
getting them to play together.  However, I'm rather concerned with mixing
in the Maxtor 540 MB IDE.  Is just a fluke that some people have problems
with the 540 MB IDEs?

As an aside, any suggestions on how I should partition these bad boys?  I
was thinking of having the Westren Digital and the Toshiba for DOS.  And,
the new drive for linux.  I thought I would boot of the new drive and use
the SCSI drive as a temp disk for DOS and Windows (The Toshiba has about a
35 ms access time).


WD 220 MB and Maxtor 540 MB

Post by Alasdair Turnbu » Wed, 22 Jun 1994 04:14:49

: However, I'm rather concerned with mixing
: in the Maxtor 540 MB IDE.  Is just a fluke that some people have problems
: with the 540 MB IDEs?

FWIW - my experience is that NOTHING but WD should be mixed with WD on
the IDE side.  A word of caution: often, Maxtors and WDs seem to work
well together (usually as long as the WD is master).  Curiously, over time
however, the directory structure gets corrupted on one or both disks.  I've
no idea why but this has been observed in a number od situations.  This only
seems to hold for WDs, though.

Just my experience (after much heartache).


WD 220 MB and Maxtor 540 MB

Post by John F. Dav » Wed, 22 Jun 1994 22:32:54

Alright, here's the scoop.  I bought the Maxtor yesterday,  (See
comp.sys.pc.hardware.storage for my observations.) and reinstalled
Linux last night.  I had some strange things happen.  When I orignally
installed Linux, I only had one hard disk.  The disk was partitioned three

    50 Meg Dos                       Primary

    16 Meg Linux Swap            --+ Extended?  
  ~150 Meg Linux Filesystem      --+

When I was in DOS, I never saw the two Linux partitions.  Now, when
I installed Liunx, I have 3 hard disks and things were a bit more hairy.
I partitioned the dirves as follows:

Maxtor 504 MB

        50 Meg Dos                          Primary Boot

        16 Meg Linux Swap               --+ Extended
 remainder Linux Filesystem             --+    

Western Digital 203 MB

        203 Meg Dos                         Primary

Toshiba 101 MB SCSI

        50  Meg Dos                         Primary
        51  Meg Linux Filesystem            Extended

When I was at the installation screens where you make the filesytems and
partition the drives, I was pretty much guessing.  I didn't quite know
what was going on.  For some reason, it was saying I had partitions that
were just one cylinder.  I think this was because it was an extended
partition and the rest was logical drives or something.  Not sure.  Well
the numbers for the drive designators (/dev/hda1, 1 being the number) were
pretty strange.  I didn't expect to see things like /dev/hda5.  5, what
happened to 2?  I only have three partitions.

Well whatever happened, I did manage to install Linux.  My only concerns now

1.  How do I make Linux automatically mount the SCSI partition at boot.

2.  Why can I see the swap partition and the big Linux filesystem
    (Maxtor) partition from DOS?  Well I can't really see the Linux
    filesystem partition.  I can only see the drive letter.  It's F:, but
    when I try and do a chkdsk it says it's a non-DOS disk.  However,
    i can do a chkdsk on the swap partition.  

3.  Can I use the swap partition for both DOS and Liunx without harm?
    I figure I can, since it's accessible by both OS's.  I remember seeing
    somebody post a note saying they did it for windows and Linux.

4.  If the big Linux filesystem drive can be seen by DOS, why can't DOS see
    the little SCSI Linux filesystem?

5.  Why could I not see the Linux partitions when I installed Linux
    before?  i.e, when I only had one hard disk.

6.  Is Cherry Coke a clone of Doctor Pepper, or is it a clone of Mr. Pibb?


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