low outgoing throughput over CSLIP

low outgoing throughput over CSLIP

Post by C. Patrick L » Mon, 07 Mar 1994 10:17:56

few days ago, asking for help on improving outgoing throughput of TCP
over CSLIP.  Alan Cox responded with e-mail, suggesting that I try
"pl15f or later (preferably pl15j or later)".  I put pl15j on both my
CSLIP server and client, and now I have comparable inbound and outbound
TCP throughput.  Thanks to Alan.

 bounced.  Hope you get your problem resolved too with pl15j.
C. Patrick Lai                     Premenos Corporation

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1. low outgoing throughput over CSLIP

I am using dip to connect a Linux box to a ethernet.  The server is also
a Linux box, and both are running 0.99pl15.  Here's the configuration:

               38.4k          38.4k
       Linux A  <---- CSLIP ----> Linux B         Sun C
                     v.32bis        |              |
                                    |              |
                                ----+--- ethernet -+---

I'm able to do telnet from A to C quite well, so I believe I have my
CSLIP set up correctly.  I can also download data from C using ftp, with
throughput of about 1.5k cps (gz files).  When I try to upload to C,
however, the throughput is terrible.  Netstat on A shows that there is
data on Send-Q waiting to go to C, but somehow Linux is not pushing it
through (the modem LED doesn't flash either).  I have similar problem
with X client from C: Send-Q is non-zero on Linux, but if I wait long
enough it is cleared (both Send-Q and Recv-Q on C are clear).

My CSLIP has MTU 1500.  The problem seems to be more severe with
smaller MTU.

Any suggestions?
C. Patrick Lai                     Premenos Corporation

(510) 602-2000 x2112               Concord, CA 94520

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