NFS problems with PC/TCP's NFS

NFS problems with PC/TCP's NFS

Post by David E. Fil » Mon, 02 Jan 1995 06:41:10


I am having some (weird) problems with Linux NFS and a PC running FTP
Software's PC/TCP 2.3.

I can mount export'ed filesystems on the PC. However, if I try
to copy or xcopy files (from the PC to the NFS drive) I get one or
two files copied (very slowly), and then:

        General failure reading drive P (substitute drive letter)
        Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail ?

Other TCP/IP, including FTP, telnet, and even ping, work fine with fairly
good throughput (havn't measured it, but it is along the lines of what I
would expect on an Ethernet ...).

Now the weird part: if I write files from Windows applications to the NFS
disk (same NFS disk that gives me problems with DOS commands), everything
is fine ! Yes, I can re-read the files I have written, so they are being
written correctly.  So, I thought, what about Windows File Manager ? Well,
I did the old drag-n-drop copying an entire tree of files (about 5MB+)
from my PC to the NFS drive ... and it worked ! I checked file sizes,
ran some executables that were copied, etc., just to verify that it really
DID copy correctly, and it did !

Anyone have any clues ? I am treating this first as a Linux problem because
1) I don't have any other NFS system to try, and 2) if I call FTP Software
they will probably tell me they don't support Linux (the same version of
software DOES work correctly on a different PC and a Sun SPARC server).
I am hoping that someone else out there has seen something like this before.

I am running Linux 1.1.35 and net-tools 1.1.38. The NFS server pieces
(rpc.nfsd, rpc.mountd) are from an archive the claims to be nfs-server-2.0,
although the README file claims it is "The LINUX User-Space NFS Server
Version 1.5" (the README was probably never updated ?). The NFS that came
with Slackware exported everything RO, even if RW was specified in
/etc/exports, which is why I installed the new NFS server stuff.

Any help would be appreciated.




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I am having trouble mounting a file system on my linux box.  I have tried
to use either BW-NFS or PC-NFS on several PC's to mount a machine running
Linux (1.1.18).  I have portmapper running along with mountd , and either
PC-NFS or BW-NFS daemons.  

I try to map d: to a file system that is in my exports file and the PC hangs.
Has anyone seen this problem.  I am able to use telnet and ping from these
machines but NFS is not working.

Thomas Glaser
PC/Network Admin.
University Book Store

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