Looking for acct, quota patches to 1.0.9 kernel

Looking for acct, quota patches to 1.0.9 kernel

Post by JoSH Leh » Sun, 31 Jul 1994 07:21:37

Slackware 2.0 ROCKS!  Incredible color install program, a ton of new
utilities added, everything fits together perfectly...

...Except the 'acct' patch.  I use the 1.0.9 kernel because it is the latest
stable (non-beta) release, and need a version of 'acct' which I can patch
into it.  I looked on the Q disks, and there is a kernel there with 'acct'
but it is 1.1.*.  The 'acct' patch included with the distribution only works
with 1.1.21.  'patch' expects an EXACT match, and the small tweaks with
the many Linux patchlevels break it.

So: I need an 'acct' patch for kernel 1.0.9.  That's ONE-POINT-OH-POINT-NINE.
    If anyone knows where I can find such a thing, toss me some email!


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1. patch 1.2.9 and kdiffs for quota+acct

Hi guys,

I found a small problem with the new kernel patch 1.2.9. Since patch 1.2.5
i have installed the quota + acct stuff with the 1.2.5quota+acct kernel
diffs. with patch 1.2.9 patching linux/fs/open.c goes completely wrong.

checking patch 1.2.9 against the kernel diffs of quota+acct, I have to say that
in both patches at lot is changed in the open.c file. It even looks like
one patch needs what the other patch removes.

So at this moment i cannot installed the quota+acct system again. As I don't
know much about the kernel and the quota stuff, I'm really looking for a patch
for quota+acct against kernel patch 1.2.9.

I would really appreciate it when somebody can arrange this kind of patch.


Patrick Reijnen

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