3 button mouse drivers

3 button mouse drivers

Post by I.R. Furlong » Wed, 30 Nov 1994 00:39:01

Has anyone found a good utility for slackware linux to switch between 3
button Mousesystems mode and 2 button Microsoft mode?

My mouse doesn't have a hardware toggle for switching between the two,
and the little proggie I use is very temperamental...


--Ian Furlonger


1. 3 button mouse driver for Linux

I assume you're talking about X, right?  Investigate the Xconfig man
page with reference to the mouse options cleardtr and clearrts.  

'This option clears the DTR line on the serial port
'used by the mouse.  This option is only valid  for
'a  mouse  using  the  mousesystems protocol.  Some
'dual-protocol mice require DTR to  be  cleared  to
'operate  in  mousesystems mode.

(& similar for clearrts).  I guess this is probably what the dos
driver does to switch modes.


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