2 Questions: xbiff++ for Linux, talking to serial ports

2 Questions: xbiff++ for Linux, talking to serial ports

Post by Bret A. Schuhmach » Tue, 31 Jan 1995 13:37:24

Hello all,

2 quick questions for you:

1) Is there something like xbiff++ for Linux?
Anyone gotten xbiff++ compiled for Linux?  I got the source but can't
get it compiled - I don't know a damn thing about Imake...  All I really want
is to be able to play sounds based on who sent mail - I don't really need the
graphic part of xbiff++.  I could write my own, but thought I'd ask before
reinventing the wheel.

2) Any tips on how to talk to a serial port?  I've got an internal modem
and don't have any lights to see what it's up to.  I was going to write
a control panel for it in tcl/tk, but I can't get any reaction from the
modem.  I need something like "tip" to talk to the modem I think. Any ideas?
I'd like to do all this from a script; I don't really feel like making a
bunch of ioctl calls...

Thanks in advance for any push in the right direction.

Bret A. Schuhmacher

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1. How do I get my serial port to talk to the console port on a router???

Hi everyone,

Any ideas on how I can configure the serial port (ttya) on a Solaris7/8
(Sparc) to allow me to communicate with a Cisco router's console port?  I am
basically trying to accomplish what Hyperterminal does on a Windows machine
(I don't have any Windows machines in the lab.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated...


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