shell-init permission denied

shell-init permission denied

Post by Todd Holbro » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 11:54:45

After installing XFree86 and doing a few other things, I've managed to
make it so that users other than the root user get a "shell-init:
Permission Denied" error message when logging on, and error messages
stating Permission denied whenever a pwd or ch is attempted.  Can
anyone point me to what this problem may be?
                            Todd Holbrook


1. URGENT: shell-init: permission denied

Hi guys,

Damm, I did it again.......... (sigh)

Last night I was playing (as user) with the su command (ahum, I'm also root on my machine). I did a cat of a file and piped this to the su command....
All of a sudden I got 'shell-init : permission denied'. Furthermore everycommand executed as user presents me one or more of those 'permission denied' messages.Only 'root' works without pain. Other problem I found (and I think it is related with the previous one) is that about every 2 minutes or so my complete 16 Mb memory is dumped in the file /proc/kcore. Trying to do 'rm /proc/kcore' presents me a 'rm: Operation not permitted' (I am root when I try to get rid of the file). Doing >kcore sets the file siz

e to zero but a minute or so later it is again 16Mb. The other files in the proc system have file size zero as has the /proc directory itself.

What is going wrong??? I cannot find the clue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email me your answer as I don't like to overlook it in the newsgroups,

Patrick Reijnen

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