Help Posting from TIN (UNIX) and QVTNET (Windows)

Help Posting from TIN (UNIX) and QVTNET (Windows)

Post by Hugh C » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 11:38:47

        Everything except posting news articles works now.  When I try
and post an article in TIN or try and follow up or reply after I say
post I get the error message

Illegal Option --c
Usage: rsh [-nd] [-l login] host [command]

and my posting doesn't go.  I get an error 440 from QVTNET when I try
and post.  I think it probably is caused by the error in TIN.  

Any help would be appreciated.


1. tin problem: first posting gives 441:Posting failed

When I run tin -r (rtin), the first time I try to post, it says,
  441: Posting failed

If I try again to post, it works. All subsequent attempts to post seem to
work. Any ideas?

Mailed copies of answers appreciated, as I don't read this group often.



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