ThinkPad 720 IBM Harddisk information?

ThinkPad 720 IBM Harddisk information?

Post by Michael Seife » Fri, 18 Nov 1994 21:06:42


I have a problem installing Linux on my ThinkPad 720. I understand that
I need to know the number of heads, sectors & cylinders in order to
get Linux to recognize my harddisk. The problem is that neihter me
nor IBM knows what they are! (Costumer support? IBM?)

My harddisk is 160Mb capacity, a micro channel I think, and part
number starts with WD, so it might be a Western Digital. If anyone
knows where I can find this information please let me know.

Thank you,

Michael Seifert


1. IBM ThinkPad 720?

The Hardware howto said this thinkpad had the microchannel bus, and
that it wouldn't be supported.

the howto was dated 1997, does anyone know if the 720 is supported now?



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