CSLIP Boot problems

CSLIP Boot problems

Post by Pete Nels » Sat, 11 Mar 1995 10:40:28

I've just installed Linux today successfully, but am having problems
booting up.  When I boot either from the boot floppy it made or using the
DOS loader, it gets stuck at the CSLIP message.  Booting from the 'bare'
floppy and mounting the root manually works fine and doesn't even bring
up the CSLIP message.

What's the deal?  I've looked through several FAQs and have found nothing
on this.  Please help!


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        We (me and a friend, on two different type computers one P-90 810MB EIDE drive 8MB ram ne2000 ethernet card, CR563 pan. cdrom, the other 486DX2-66 420MB IDE drive 8MB ram ne2000 card, mitsumi CD) both have the same problem with slackware linux v. 2.1.0 (kernel 1.1.85). We installed it (several times) and ran setup successfully... but it won't boot properly. It stops after saying:

        And then just hangs.
        A guy across the hall installed the same version quite successfully.
        What can we do? What is wrong?
        (We do think it has to do with the network card, or something. the next line on our friends successful linux installation says something about his ethe0 card, on irq 7.. etc.)

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