DTC 3290 controller

DTC 3290 controller

Post by John R Conni » Wed, 14 Dec 1994 22:16:42

In a previous post you indicated that you had got  a DTC 3292 controller
to work with LINUX. I can't get LINUX to recognize my DTC 3290HD
I have used both boot images "SCSINET" and "SCSI" place on a 1.2M
floppy. I have tried these floppies on a system with Adaptec 1542 and
they work, so I don't believe there is a problem with the floppies.

Did you have any suggestions?


DTC 3290 controller

Post by John R Conni » Thu, 15 Dec 1994 23:19:41

I have a 486DX-50 machie with an EISA mother board. The system has a
DTC 3290HD (cached)  EISA SCSI controller with an Maxtor 340Meg
harddrive and Tosihia CDROM drive. I also have Intel EtherExpress
Card and am running WFWG 3.1.1

I tried to  boot my system using the boot disk made from the boot
image "SCSINET" and another boot disk from  the image "SCSI". In each
case I got the same result. The program appears to be sending code to
the SCSI controller and is not receiving the answer it wants so it
gets hung in this loop of continually polling the controller.

I tried both of these boot disks on a ISA system with a Adaptec 1542
controller and it they worked fine. They sensed the controller, but
didn't seem to sense the network card. ( This system has a Intel
EtherExpress Flash Card). So I must assume that the boot disk are

I must therefore assume that the boot program cannot sense a DTC3290
controller  or a Intel EtherExpress network card. In previous posts
others indicated that they were able to get the DTC card to work if
it was properly configured. I also read in the HOW-TO for SCSI that
it was possible to write a device driver for the DTC, but the LINUX
community could not because of disclosure problems.

I communicated with DTC and they indicated that the required info
could be supplied if the driver was placed on their BBS. One solution
to this problem maybe to agree to their requirements, get the info,
write the device driver and then place it on their BBS. In the future
when someone a has DTC controller he could be referred to this BBS to
get the driver. This driver will not be  included  with the normal
distribution but in the install documentation there will be an
indication of this driver.

 If I  canbe of some help let me know. I do have vested interest since
I would like to use LINUX on my system.

If I am doing something wrong and there is solution to this problem
using the present boot software and some adjustment to the DTC
controller, please let me know.

Thank you for your time


DTC 3290 controller

Post by John R Conni » Tue, 20 Dec 1994 21:56:15

Thanks for the info.

Could you give me some more details. What boot image you ? How did
you make your boot disk? It sounds like it is very important to
follow a very specialize method of installation. So if I knew how you
did it then  would  ahead of the game.

Also, maybe you post it to the help maillist for both Linux and BSD
since I sure other people are having this problem.

Thanks for your help.


DTC 3290 controller

Post by Al Walte » Wed, 21 Dec 1994 01:10:08

Quote:hdos.hac.com> writes:
>Could you give me some more details. What boot image you ? How did
>you make your boot disk? It sounds like it is very important to
>follow a very specialize method of installation. So if I knew how you
>did it then  would  ahead of the game.

I use a DTC 3292 EISA version of the controller and it closely matches
that of the Adaptec 1542.  I think the only difference with the one I use
is that it can handle 2.88M floppies and the 3290 cant.

As far as installation goes, all the factory settings should be used and
the scsi or scsinet boot image should be used.  I had no problems having
it detected, and I have two HD's and a cdrom* off it.  You shouldnt
have to do anything special with the configuration routine...

What kind of problems are you having?



1. DTC 3290 controller

Thank you for your help it put me on the right track. To make a long
story short, the drivers  that are in the boot images  scsinet and scsi
are not the most up to date. This is indicated in the HOW-TO for SCSI
in the section discussing Adaptec 1542.  In this section it describes
the problem I was having.

Luckily, I had another system with Linux on it. So I got and built
the 1.1.73 Kernel as you suggested. I then changed  the make file to
support the system with DTC controller and recompiled the kernel to
produce a new boot image file called  zImage.  The zImage file when
placed on a floppy would boot the system. The problem with this is
that after booting it would look for the root image on the harddrive,
and since Linux was not installed yet it would fail at this point.

To solve this problem I used the macro "rdev" on the zImage file to
make it look for the root image on the floppy instead of on the
harddrive. Then if you have a copy of the root image Color144 , you
place this in the floopy drive when prompted and it will load up. At
this point you can now install Linux in the normal matter.

Also the DTC 3290 controller is compatible with Adaptec 1542
controller. I found this out by running the Adaptec setup disk on the
DTC controller. The driver recognized it as Adaptec controller and
then indicated all SCSI devices on the SCSI bus.

Thank you for your help.

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