HELP - want to shutdown from XDM !!

HELP - want to shutdown from XDM !!

Post by Matthew Ell » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 00:13:56


I'm not a linux expert (so please - no flames), but we have a linux box up
and running, with XFree, and were using XDM to login to this machine. Since
this machine is a dual boot linux/dos machine, we'd like a really simple
way of shutting the machine down from inside XDM - i.e. a userid like
"shutdown" or "reboot" which would reboot the system straight away.

Has anyone cracked this .... Please email me if you have any ideas.

Oh ... we're using the Slackware distribution.



1. Help: Shutdown activates XDM!

Recently I installed the new release of SysVinit (2.60) to cure the halt
problem (it can only reboot but can't halt). But now, it is even worse.
Shutdown -h always puts me back to the prompt and everything is still
running fine while rebooting (and 3 finger salute) fires up XDM.

Somehow, init switched to run level 6 which is supposed to run rc.6 script
in the /etc/inittab file. I'm not really familiar with this problem and
I've tried to get help from the online manual, it didn't help much.

For your information, I am running kernel 1.3.71 and sysvinit-2.60 and any
help would be great-greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Basuki A. Sugiarto


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