-->!!HELP: Network Unreachable when using PPP connection

-->!!HELP: Network Unreachable when using PPP connection

Post by as.. » Mon, 19 Sep 1994 18:03:52

Hi, I am having difficulty in setting up the network for PPP (which is
working, as evidenced by the success by PING).  I know how to setup the
network for Ethernet connection.  Could someone please tell me the major
differece in the setup files (rc.inet1, rc.inet2, hosts, ...)?  

After initiating PPP, I can't even use the loopback.  Whenever I try
telnet or ftp, I get the "Network Unreachable" message.  However, I
am able to telnet to the PPP server.

to post this message does not seem to accept mail.  

Thank you in advance.



1. -->HELP: Network Unreachable when using PPP

Hi, I am using PPP with dynamic IP assignment.  I managed to get PPP connection
work but the problem is:  whenever I use the telnet or ftp command, I get
"Network unreachable" error.  The machine was configured on networked
environment before I took it home for PPP connection.  Could someone tell me
how I should set up the network files (/etc/rc.d/rc.inet(1,2), /etc/hosts,
/etc/resolv.conf, etc.)?   BTW, I am able to telnet or ftp to my PPP server
but can't do that to any other machine, including my own machine running PPP




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