NEWBIE needs help w/ swap partition.

NEWBIE needs help w/ swap partition.

Post by Randy Hootm » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 05:42:27

Did you set the swap partition to a Linux swap partition?
Did you format the swap partition with mkswap?
Did you add the swap partition with swapon?

Hope this helps.


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NEWBIE needs help w/ swap partition.

Post by Aaron Turn » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 05:21:10

Hello all (again)
I think I have another problem.  When I used FIPS to re-size my 340MB HD
I shrunk my MSDOS partition by 50MB.  From this 50, 42 went to Linux, and
8 were fdisked as a Linux swap partition.  But when I run that memory
command (what is it now?) it shows total memory=12MB, the amount of RAM
in my machine and not 20MB like I expected.  So how do I get Linux to
recognize the swap partition?


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I am very new to Linux and would love to install a copy of Mandrake V6.0
onto my CPU.
I created an 800m primary Linux ex2 partition with Partition magic V4.0
and have 3 more partitions 700m each . What I need to know is how do I
create a swap partition, and can I do this from Partition Magic 4?. Disk
druid is not making any sense. I cant seem to create a swap partition
with Disk Druid .That is all I need to know so I can carry on with the
installation !!!.
Please Help as I don't know what else to do!.
My specs..............
AMD K-6 (2) 3d-350mgh
32meg Ram (core for you unix types)
4.3gig HD IDE
OS Win98SE.

Thank you for your time.

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