PCSND 0.7 driver and Doom

PCSND 0.7 driver and Doom

Post by Tiger » Sun, 06 Nov 1994 06:59:24

Just curious. Has anyone used the PCSND driver and DOOM successfully? I
saw it mentioned in a requirement post for those who do not have a sound
card. What are some of the tricks to get it working? It has been compiled
and nothing comes out at all but static from the machine. ( I know that
the driver will not play music. ) Thanks.

1. COMMERCIAL: Drivers v1.0.7 for LML33 cards available Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

New drivers v1.0.7 are available for download from the regular URL

Improvements compared to 0.3 version are:
 - Tcl not needed (but still can be used to control the card)
 - Support for both D1 and CIF resolutions (720x480i and 360x240)
 - Nasty bug that prevented switch from read() to write() operation
 - Single frame mode works as expected now
 - Preliminary support for video overlays
 - ioctls and insmod option to select compression ratio and video stream

All drivers and software developed by Linux Media Labs are licensed
GNU GPL. Check our programs jpegdump, riffdump and avidump that produce
human readable form of these formats. We'll appreciate any feedback,
especially for AVI.

Linux Media Labs also manufactures full motion video capture/playback
hardware motion JPEG board LML33. Board hardware is fully open, which is

ideal for linux fans, educational institutions and system integretors.
Applications are - teleconferencing, video capture, scientific
visualization, web-cams and security monitoring. Please check

| Linux Media Labs LLC                  |  Vassili Leonov


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