Help:setting up X-windows for Trident TVGA9000 card.

Help:setting up X-windows for Trident TVGA9000 card.

Post by Dylan ELLICO » Wed, 22 Feb 1995 14:39:12

I have a trident TVGA9000, with 512k. I also have an Aamazing 1024x768
NI muti-sync monitor. I am wondering how I would go about setting this up
for 800x600 256 colour mode. I want set this up, right now my x-windows is
looking for only VGA16. I don't know how to get the 256 svga into the
setup. If anyone knows about this type of thing, I would greatly appreciate
any help.

-Dylan Ellicott


1. X-windows with tvga9000

I have been trying to get X-windows to run using the tvga9000 Video card.
When running xinit to config the system the AUTODETECT_SVGA picks up the
card. I use the default for the video clocks, I am not sure what the video
clock speed should be set at, and I think this is my problem.If anyone
knows the correect way to get X to run please let me know..

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