DIP Script with Dynamic SLIP Server

DIP Script with Dynamic SLIP Server

Post by Mingfang » Mon, 16 May 1994 17:45:02

In my dip script there is a line that looks like this:

get $local remote 10

But the IP generated by this line is the same as the $rmtip when in fact I
know my system would be dynamically assigned a different IP each time I
use SLIP connection (I tried using SLIP on PC).

The system will give me an error message

huey: error(0)

And when I try pin with my SLIP server IP, nothing can be sent.

man dip doesn't give much info on these things.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.



1. dip script for slip/ppp connection with dynamic IP address

I'm having trouble writing a dip script and works for a dynamically
allocated IP address. The major thing giving me trouble is
intercepting the IP address and then figuring out what to do with
it. Could someone point me to relevant documentation for doing this?
Also, sample dip scripts that deal with dynamically allocated IP
addresses would also be helpful. Thanks much.

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