Help reqd for Installing TERM

Help reqd for Installing TERM

Post by Uppliappan Ba » Wed, 05 Oct 1994 05:29:54

Hi netters,
Thanks for my earlier request for
suggesting to use TERM to ftp files.
I have problems with term now.
I am trying to install term in my school as well as at my home.
My school system has solaris and I do not have root access.
Here is what I did to install term

1. I did a ftp of the file term-2.1.4.tar.gz from
2. I uncompressed and did an untar.  This created a dir term-2.1.4
with lot of files.
3. Afterwhich I ran the ./configure program and then did a make install
installman.  I did set the CFLAGS -DTERM_NFS_DIR sice my .term dir is in AFS.
4. This created a bin and term dir in my home dir.  I created a dir .term
5. I copied the termrc file given with the source code.
6. when i tried to test "term" running a local and remote in the same system.
my system hangs after printing Reading ~/.term/termrc file what is printed on the
screen is the letter A.
7. If I run the process in the background then the system does not hang
but when i try to tupload it say error" failed to connect socket". The socket
file has 0 bytes and has nothing in it

Am I following the procedure correctly?
I would be thanful if some help with the correct procedure.
The test procedure is not explained clearly in the Term.HOWTO.

Thanks a lot for the responses to my earlier help reques.


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hi nettters,

Thanks for the replies to my previous querries.
I am trying to install term in my machines.
I have an account in school which runs solaris 2
on sun work stations.  I tried to install term in
my home directory.  This is what I did.
1. I down loaded term on from
and I uncompressed and untar it.   Then I ran configure
and installed term in my home directory.  I also set the flags
appropriately since I will be have my .term dir in my home dir.

2.  When I tried to run term by typing term it says reading termrc
and then it hangs.  What is that I am doing wrong

Is that i have to be connected via modem to run term?.  I thought
that you can run two copies of term from the same system.
Please advise me of what I should do to make this work.

If someone has done this could you tell me what should happen if
term is executed.


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