NOS/NET/Wampes for linux

NOS/NET/Wampes for linux

Post by Christopher Kova » Mon, 07 Nov 1994 06:51:37


I am looking for source for either nos, net, or wampes.  This are
programs for linking tcpip ham radio connection.  I use to have the
source, but the system crashed and I can not file the backups for
it.  Anyone out there can help???




1. Wampes for Linux (was Linux News #3)

Ah, sorry for that.

Wampes was written by Dieter Deyke, dk5sg.
It is a package for packet-radio. It includes a program like
ka9q-net that allows logging into the unix machine over ax.25,
NET/ROM and telnet. It includes a convers-server, bbs program
and some other utils.

This is wampes-921019.txt from
wampes-921019.tar.Z  is a compressed  tar archive of WAMPES,  which is a
NET/NOS  port to HP-UX.  It currently  supports HP 9000 series 300, 400,
700,  and 800  computers,  running  HP-UX  08.xx.  I tried  to port  the
software to SunOS, and it compiles there, but I did not have enough time
to really test it.

WAMPES was also  ported to Linux  running on a 386 by Olaf,  dc1ik.  You
should have gcc 2.2.2d with the inet-library in libc.a and tcp/ip coming
with  0.98.x  compiled  into the kernel to use all  features  of WAMPES.
Comments and questions  about the Linux version of WAMPES please to Olaf

You should unpack this tar archive from the /tcp  directory to make sure
all files go to the right place.

wampes-921019.tar.Z     and    all    followups     should    go    into
/hamradio/packet/tcpip/wampes on





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