Ghostview and Printer Setup

Ghostview and Printer Setup

Post by Comp. News Accou » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 12:26:56

        I'm using Ghostview to look at some postscript documents
        which I would like to print.  However, it seems nothing will
        print.  I know at one time about 6 months ago I figured this
        out, but it took about 4 days.  So before I go thru it all

        Printer: Cannon bj200

        I think the problem lies either in the printcap file or
        the filters (or both?)

        Thank you for any help you can offer.   Printcap file


# Entry for raw device bj200.raw
bj200.raw|Raw output device bj200:\

# Entry for device bj200 (output to bj200.raw)
bj200|Ghostscript device bj200:\