Diamond Stealth 64 w/2meg Vram(VLB) and Xfree86 3.1 - Works

Diamond Stealth 64 w/2meg Vram(VLB) and Xfree86 3.1 - Works

Post by HAN UI S » Wed, 07 Dec 1994 03:53:10

I have a working version of XF86Conifg for Diamond Stealth 64 2meg Vram (VLB) and CTX 1562GM monitor....send me a email if you need a copy of it.
I got the specs out of Diamond Stealth 64 w/2meg DRAM, so it should work for the DRAM version.  You should change some of the numbers in config to make it fit into your monitor, but howto is included in XFree86 3.1 pakage.




1. MAG 17F and Diamond Stealth 64 2Meg VRAM

Does anyone have a config file for a Mag DX17F and a Diamond
Stealth 64 2Meg VRAM?  I tried modifying one for the Diamond card
but for a different monitor and so far am not successful.  I am
using XFree 3.1.1 with Linux 1.1.91.

I get the error stating that the "fixed" fonts could not be found
(or something similar).  I don't know what these fonts are, but am
assuming it is something to do with my config file.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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