Need help setting up Xwindows (ignoramus question)

Need help setting up Xwindows (ignoramus question)

Post by David Washbu » Wed, 24 Aug 1994 08:24:20

Okay, here's the situation.  The individual who started setting up our
machine with linux decided to go elsewhere about midway through the
project.  Much of the rest of the setup has fallen to me.  I've got a lot
of things working, but Xwindows is beyond me at this point.  I know it's
a GUI and that it's a client-server setup.  Beyond that, I'm out in the
cola.  What do I need to install it, how do I configure it,which is the
client and which is the server--in other words, I'm a total ignoramus at
this point, and I can't find any basic documentation for this stuff.  Can
somebody give it to me in words of one syllable or less so I can get this
thing going?


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Need help setting up Xwindows (ignoramus question)

Post by Ben Giddin » Sun, 28 Aug 1994 11:23:44

        Hmm, looks like you need a lot of help.  Do you know if you have
installed any of the disk sets related to X?  Here is what I did to get X
working.  I ftp'd the x1-x8 disk sets, the xap1-xap3 disk sets.  I then used
the Slackware 'setup' program to install these packages.  Once this was done
I used ConfigXF86 to choose my card and monitor and had it build me an
Xconfig file.  When this was done, I used startx to start Xwindows.

        If you need some more help just contact me.




Fiist of all, the book i got (Red Hat Linux Unleashed) tells you to edit all
of these files.  Well, i dont have a clue how to use the ed command.  Hell,
i didnt even know how to edit at all untill a few minutes ago.  When i type
view, it all flys across the screen and i dont have time to read it.
Someone help me.  I have to set up the XF86Config files and others.  I need
help doing this cause the book dosnt say anything about actuall "editing",
it says what you need to edit.  I ran the man ed, but i dont understand it.
Someone help.

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