How do I terminate a slip connection?

How do I terminate a slip connection?

Post by c.. » Thu, 05 May 1994 12:23:41

I am using dip-3.3.7 (lilo) with SLS 1.03 and kernel 1.0.  I can't
figure out how to terminate my slip connection without shutting my
system down.  My understanding is that I should kill the dip process,
but the dip process disappears after the connection is established.  I
tried killing the parent process, but that doesn't work.  Can anybody
help me with this?

        Thanks in advance,
        -Bruce Cota



This sounds like a strange question :-) ... but having had successfully
established a SLIP connection, how does one *gracefully* terminate it?
I didn't see anything about this in the FAQs, only how to INITIATE the
connection.  Doing an "ifconfig sl0 down" didn't work, nor did
power-cycling the modem (broke the connection of course, but the kernel
still thought the modem port was busy).


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