Getting Rid of ANSI-ized Command Line Prompts

Getting Rid of ANSI-ized Command Line Prompts

Post by Eric Poo » Wed, 21 Dec 1994 13:01:08

Since upgrading my 0.99PL15 (which has served me well for almost a year) to
Slackware 1.1.54, I now find that when users log on to the modem ports, their

by character strings that I assume are ANSI attribute codes.

This is fine for people with ANSI capability but otherwise it looks like a
bunch of garbage to the remote user, and in a few cases it's creating some

So, I'd like to get rid of it altogether and just give people boring-but-clean
monochrome command-line prompts.

I have edited /etc/DIR_COLORS and set COLOR to "none", but that didn't do it.

What else can I do?

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1. Getting rid of questionmark in CGI command line

I try to set up a Wiki-like system called vanilla written in a language
called REBOL using CGI.
Following error prevents correct working:

Whenever I call the CGI-script it is executed and gives output, but
instead of HTTP-headers and processed HTML I get an REBOL usage screen
followed by the headers and _interpreted_ HTML (no REBOL code in it!)
I found out the commmandline for running the script is:
              /usr/local/rebol/rebol -cs ? /var/www/cgi-bin/vanilla.r
It's this question mark that makes things go wrong. When I run the
script without the "?" output is ok. But when I run it with it, output
is like described above: REBOL usage, HTTP headers, processed HTML
output. After execution the interpreder doesn't terminate, so I could
see it with 'ps ax', nevertheless it seems not to do anything.

So that's what I did to get here:

I installed REBOL under /usr/local/rebol and made a link from
/usr/local/bin to the binary. I made all files used by REBOL world-read-
and -executable (chmod o+rx * -R).
I installed vanilla under /usr/local/vanilla and copied vanilla.r (the
script handling CGI) and vanilla.r.conf to /var/www/cgi-bin . ( I use
Redhat 7.2, they have the document root at /var/www ). chmod o+rx * -R
again on vanilla and the scripts in cgi-bin.
/var/www/cgi-bin is enabled for CGI, from apache 1.3 docs CGI
section ran as expected.
I checked error_log, nothing in (except some errors from the time parts
of vanilla where not world-readable, -executable)

Standard Apache 1.3.19 with docroot at /usr/local/apache/htdocs/ worked
fine with the same steps in configuration. But I prefere having a system
out of the box  with as less changes as possible.

I think REBOL complains about the questionmark  in the command line.
Does anyone know where this questionmark is put in in Apache and how to
remove it?
I use RedHat 7.2 Linux, Vanilla 0.5, Apache 1.3.20.


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