SLIP problems: getting 9600 equivalent speed from 14.4k?

SLIP problems: getting 9600 equivalent speed from 14.4k?

Post by Howard Howii Ch » Fri, 05 Nov 1993 05:22:33

        I don't know if this is normal but when I use SLIP to establish a link
to SLIP server that I use, I connect at 14.4k with everything seeming to be
normal...  Dip is set to 57600 baud and the domain server and gateway respond.
I'm currently running a 486/33 with a USR ROBOTICS SPORTSTER 14.4 FAXMODEM and
experience no problems when I use slip in ... dos (yuck.)
        All the transmissions seem to go unusually slow in linux though:
I'm getting 800cps transfer times for TEXT files in ftp.  Telnet access
degrades significantly sometimes if I open up two telnet links.  I have set
my MTU to speeds ranging from 256 to 1500, with no real affect.  Is there that
much overhead in slip? Any ideas?

-Howard Chen

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Thanks for your help in advance.

I am having a problem getting a 28.8k SLIP connection.  I am using the Yggdrasil
Fall 1994 Plug and Play distribution, 80486, 32meg RAM, Multitech 28.8k modem,
16550a serial port, and DIP.  I have no problems connecting at 14.4k.  But when I
try at 28.8k, it will not connect.  The modems make a lot of tones, but will not
synch up.  Does anyone have success with this?  Could the problem be with getty,
DIP, the buffers in DIP?

Any help is welcome.  I have had problem for a long time and it is driving me nuts
since the Linux box is my internet router.


Ted Milkovich

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