Thanx so far...

Thanx so far...

Post by Anil V. Narwa » Wed, 15 Mar 1995 10:06:56

Okay, so I'll sound like a kid on this one, but guess where I am?
I'm at home, on my PC (well, using it -- not really ON it),
connected to my machine at work thru SLIP.  Tah-dah.  This much
has been relatively easy.  Maybe I'll attempt to setup http/mosaic

Thanx much,

PS:  No, I still haven't got it to recognize the SCSI drives,
but I'll get that sorted out soon...I hope.


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1. Long ago, in a partition far, far away...

Jedi knights,

Tomorrow I plan to partition and install Linux, then see Star Wars.
I've called Red Hat thrice, with unsatisfactory replies. I'm a bit
confused about partitioning on the Win98/Partition Magic side vs.
the logical partitioning inside Linux. I wish to preserve my
Win98 data, and want to be careful to keep my /boot partition
below the 1024 cyl/8GB threshold. I plan to take one of two paths,
depending on your advice. Here are the two scenarios, and then the

 Dell 450
 17GB disk
 128MB RAM
 Win98 uses ~4 GB (defragged)
 Partition Magic 4.0
 Redhat Linux 6.0

1) I'd rather optimize the free space on C by doing this:


        Win98 (4GB)             C drive
        free space (4<8GB)

        /boot partition (16MB)  invisible partition (extended?)
        /swap (128MB)           invisible partition (extended?)
        native Linux (~3GB)     invisible partition (extended?)

        Win98 (11GB<17GB)        D drive


2) ... Rather than doing this contiguous, sub 8GB approach:


        Win98 (4GB)             C drive
        /boot (16 MB)           invisible partition (extended?)
        /swap (128MB)           invisible partition (extended?)
        native Linux (~3GB)     invisible partition (extended?)

        Win98 (8GB<17GB)        D drive


        Linux (13GB<17GB)       Linux partition



1) Can I do scenario 1, or must I do scenario 2?
The PM partitions need not be contiguous, must they?

2) How many Linux partitions do I have to create on the Partition
Magic (Win98) side, two or three?
        a) If I go with scenario 1, I'll need at least two: one
           boot partition below the 8GB/1024 cyl barrier, and
           another above, but do I need to create one as well
           for swap?
        b) Do I, in general, have to create two PM partitions for
           Linux in either case:
           native (~3GB) and one swap (128MB), or just one,
           and let fdisk/DiskDruid slice things up INSIDE Linux?

2) For these two (or three) PM partitions, do I create any of them
as Primary, or are they Extended type partitions?

4) Is Darth Vader really Luke's father? Oops, sorry, wrong movie.

Bill Petro

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