Need Web browser for Linux

Need Web browser for Linux

Post by Linas Vepst » Sun, 12 Feb 1995 03:15:32


Can anyone point me at a web browser for linux?
I grabbed the mosaic source, but that needs motif :-(

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Need Web browser for Linux

Post by Rick Buhagi » Mon, 20 Feb 1995 08:47:39

>Can anyone point me at a web browser for linux?
>I grabbed the mosaic source, but that needs motif :-(

Get Netscape. I ftp'd it from I had no problems running
it straight off the shelf.

Regards, Rick.


1. LINKS-Browser as Frontend for Automation, was: Embedded Linux Web Browsers


some weeks ago there was a discussion about Embedded Linux Web Browsers.
I told you, that I would take LINKS
(, but it had a
drawback, that Javascript could not be executed automatically.
There is a option in the latest release (2.1pre10) now, where they fixed
this (thanks to the programmers).

Now it is possible to use this browser as frontend:

As the meta-refresh tag is not recognized, a refresh must be done by adding
the following java script (I tested it with MS IE, Mozilla, Konqueror,


URL is the new source, 2000 (ms) is for 2 seconds.

When the script is executed, the user is asked, if he wants to do so. This
can be changed in the settings.

A nice feature is, that one can adjust the number of retries. If the
automation server crashed and the program is restarted, LINKS therefore just
retries to get a web page without stopping the polls. You only have to
ensure, that every page contains the setTimeout().

The size of the browser seems to be 2 to 4 MBytes (depending on ./configure)
and up to 8 MBytes, if everything is linked statically.


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