Need Xconfig for Hercules Dynamite Pro VLB 2MB.

Need Xconfig for Hercules Dynamite Pro VLB 2MB.

Post by Brad Ple » Sat, 25 Jun 1994 23:48:12

Subject line says it all.  I'm running slackware linux on a 486DX2/66 with a
Hercules Dynamite Pro VLB 2MB video card and a CTX 5468 Monitor.  What I
REALLY need is any Xconfig file for my video card.  I can edit it to conform
to the monitor.  

I've checked out the FAQs and the info files that come with linux.  I've
also tried the Config program (ConfXF86?), to no avail.  

Any help at all would be appreciated.  Thanks,



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        getting garbage X screens and don't know the problem.

Thanks a million.



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