ATI Busmouse - configuration?

ATI Busmouse - configuration?

Post by Andreas Gehme » Wed, 08 Dec 1993 06:11:08

I've got an ATI Graphics Ultra + 2M.

How do I get /dev/mouse up working.  ms_* does not work, neither
logitech bus mouse and MS bus mouse.  
I've tried switching to logitech.
Thanks for any help.

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1. BUSMICE - can't find ATI busmouse

I'm having trouble getting the selection and XFree86 programs to recognize
my bus mouse.  I have read the relevant documents, including Matt Welsh's
"Linux Installation and Getting Started", the various man pages, and the
Busmouse HOWTO, but I still don't know how to solve this.  Here are the
details of my system:

        Linux kernel 1.2.3
        ATI VGAWonder+ video card with 8514/Ultra accelerator and mouse bus
        Logitech 2-button bus mouse, model number M-PG14-
        NEC MultiSync 4D monitor

The VSETUP program that comes with the video card reports that the mouse bus
is set for IRQ 5 and Primary address.  I am quite certain that nothing else is
using IRQ 5.  The "Device" field in the pointing-device section my XF86Config
is set to "/dev/mouse".  I have tried several different entries for the
Protocol field, I have tried symlinking /dev/mouse to /dev/inportbm and
/dev/atibm, and I have tried the 8514, Mach8 and SVGA servers.  All of them
report various (**) and (--) status lines and then fail with the following two

        Cannot open mouse (No such device)

        xinit No such file or directory (errno 2):  unexpected signal 13

Hoping to find success with a simpler program, I tried running "selection"
with various bus-mouse options.  All of them failed with a "no such device"

I'm stymied.  I *think* I'm following all of the instructions correctly, but
still these programs refuse to see my mouse.  Does anyone have any idea what I
might be doing wrong?

Stephen S. Kerr
University of California, San Diego

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