ATI VGA WONDER GT Mach 8 Configuration

ATI VGA WONDER GT Mach 8 Configuration

Post by curt willia » Tue, 30 Aug 1994 10:50:52

Anyone know how to configure the ATI Wonder GT
graphics card for Linux? This has the Mach 8
graphics accelerator.

I can't seem to get the clocks set correctly.




1. ati wonder pro or ati wonder radeon video card


I was wondering which agp video card would be better with linux and my

1. ALL-IN-WONDER 128 pro 32mb, agp, rage chipset
2. all-in-wonder radeon 32mb, agp, radeon chipset

Right now (2) is my top choice because it appears to have newer
hardware and more functionality.  My other hardware is abit bp6 dual
celeron mbd (has 2x agp), 2 - 433mhz celerons, 756mb dimm memory.


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