HELP!! -- XFree won't recognize C: & D:

HELP!! -- XFree won't recognize C: & D:

Post by Clemente J. Pataf » Mon, 30 Jan 1995 20:46:32

Can anyone help me????
I've been running Linux 1.1.49 (Yggdrasil Fall 1994) on my 486dx2 66
since October 1994.  All in all, it's been pretty smooth.  However, I
noticed that, when running X11R6, when I bring up the File Manager (xfm)
and try to access my C: or D: drives (both DOS drives), the File Manager
window comes up with the error message "Directories unreadable".

The funny thing is that I can open up an xterm window and read the
directories just fine!!!

In addition, the floppy drives also read just fine.

I use the "mount /dev/hda1 /dos_c" and "mount /dev/hdb1 /dos_d" commands
to mount both drives to the respective directories that I've created on
my root.

Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.  You can either post here or,


Clem Patafio


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Does anyone know why this is happening & how to fix it?


Corey Sweeney

I do not own a amiga!

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