Making bootdisks with lilo

Making bootdisks with lilo

Post by Benson L Cho » Sun, 24 Jul 1994 23:55:15

For some reason or another I can't make boot disks with lilo anymore.
When I had kernel 1.1.12 and lilo 1.14(?), making boot disks was an easy
task.  However, when I went up to kernel 1.1.27, Linux won't mount the
root file system if it is a floppy... I tried booting of my hard disk
linux boot:  linux root=/dev/fd0
it would load the kernel and panic when it can not read the floppy
drive.  The drive can be mounted when my root fs is my hard disk without
any problems.  The kernel reports that there are "Floppy read error
0x51(? -- I don't remember the exact error message/number)" before if
finally panics and dies when trying to mount root floppies.  Anyone know
what's going on?
Thanks in advance

1. problems making a lilo bootdisk

currently i boot from a kernel image on floppy, and that works well.  
however, since i have a problem with linux recognizing the amount of
memory on my compaq (40 MB, and only recognizing 16), i feel the need to
switch to the LILO bootdisk method in order to give a necessary boot
param (mem=40M).  i need help with a few things then:

-i take it from the lilo helps i've read (and they're rather scant)
 that i should use a high-density boot floppy, but not my current boot
 floppy with the zImage.  
        i tried using another floppy (high-density) and ran liloconfig,
        but there was a "boot record" error for the floppy when i rebooted.
-i am choosing not to install LILO on my master hard disk since i've been
 warned not to fool around with the MBR.
-as the final headache, i am unable to get into the BIOS to check on the  
 memory problem (since it MAY be a BIOS thing).  it has been this way
 ever since i installed win95 (originally AND mistakingly).  any failsfe
 ways to get the computer into computer setup?  it used to be F10 on my
 computer when the hardware cursor appeared!!  

any ideas out there?

thanks in advance,


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