Always IN2000 SCSI HA Question

Always IN2000 SCSI HA Question

Post by cl » Mon, 18 Apr 1994 05:39:00

I am using the Always IN-2000 with a Fujitsu SCSI HD.  I can not get
Linux to recognize /dev/sda.  I have obtained all of the files in
/pub/linux/ALPHA/scsi/IN2000 at  Booting from the
image zImage seems to acknowledge the IN-2000.  However, after several
(about 12) errors: IN-2000 queue command timeout! (or somesuch), it
says 0 SCSI disks detected.  fdisk /dev/sda fails.

I have the files in2000.c and in2000.h and instructions for their
integration into the kernal.  How, though, do I use Linux make to make
the kernal when I can't get the kernal to boot?  (chicken vs egg scenario)

I am trying to install the most recent Slackware from
Does someone have a boot disk image for Slackware that integrates the
most recent IN2000 driver?  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Addtionally, there is an NEC 3Xi attached to this adapter.

I use Windows NT perdominately.  I think I have a plan of attack for
getting NT, DOS and Linux to boot.  If anyone has done this already,
though, I would appreciate if you shared your experiences with me.

(The computer is a 486DX-50 w/ 64Mb RAM, EISA)

Thanks *so* much,

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1. Always IN2000 SCSI Question...

Know this is still in development, but has anyone had any luck with the
current slackware install disk for the Always IN2000?

I have 5 scsi drives, and it hangs after it finds the first (ID 0).

I'm getting the following:

IN2000 probe found hdw. vers. 27 and BIOS at 0c8000

Configuring IN2000 at IO:110, IRQ 11

SCSI0 : Always IN2000
SCSI : 1 Hosts

Vendor: Seagate     Model: ST41600N    REV: 0073
Type: Direct-Access           ANSI SCSI Revision: 02

At this point it hangs..... (or at least I don't know what it's looking

Thanks for any help on this.


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