Chinon 535 CD-ROM and Adap. 1520

Chinon 535 CD-ROM and Adap. 1520

Post by Aaron Mar » Wed, 28 Sep 1994 22:16:21

        I'm a newbie trying to install the Infomagic June Developer's Pro
Slackware on a 486/2-66 PCI box.  Using the scsi boot disk, trying to
install off of the CD, I go through LILO fine, but when it goes through the
hardware seek, I have some problems with my SCSI.

Specifically, It finds my hard drive (Conner ~500 MB) at SCSI ID 0.  Then it
finds my Chinon 535 internal CD at ID 2 - and correctly identifies it.  But
the, it says it is 'Sending a seek message to ID 2, LUN 1' -as if it was
trying to find the second CD in a jukebox!  At that point my computer just
freezes.  Help!

I'm running:
Genoa TurboExpress 486DX2/66 PCI board
Adaptec 152x (?) board - both HD, CD and floppies
Conner ~500 MB drive
Chinon 535 Internal
SMC Combo Ethernet card
Sound Blaster (orig.)
Diamond Stealth 64 PCI (the only PCI in box )

If you have any wisdom, please spread it around.  I've changed every
parameter on the SCSI card and CD-ROM - I don't think it's a conflict.

Thanks in advance

Aaron Marsh


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CD ROM drive anywhere?  Is anyone using this with Linux?  I've looked
at the hardware HOWTO and the other obvious places, and seen no sign
of it... but I am optimistic!  Please email and/or post.  Thanks!

John Rulnick  

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