Ftape 0.9.9d, Kernel 0.99.15, Modutils 0.99.15 Help.

Ftape 0.9.9d, Kernel 0.99.15, Modutils 0.99.15 Help.

Post by ROBERT NELSON-C » Sat, 18 Jun 1994 05:25:43

Right, i got the modutils, compiled it, ran the demo (?), it worked.

I Patched the kernel, no rejections of errors anywhere.

I Re-compiled the kernel, A1.

(This is too easy, thought I!)

I did a make clean ; make in ftape dir, and it tols me there was no such file
or directory as delete_module, and _ftape_big_buffer and _do_floppy were

Read instruction (Ha, help).

Checked the kernel/ksyms.S file, it contains references to the undefined
problems, but still refuses to compile.

What is going on?



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the full install procedure three times, the rmdir command still locks up
the sessin your in, and the directory does not get deleted.  In the rmdir
function, there are commands relating to quota, so somewhere along the line
quota is not allowing me to delete directories.  is this a known error? Help!


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