Basic Linux ISDN/Ethernet config Qs

Basic Linux ISDN/Ethernet config Qs

Post by Michael Wa » Wed, 16 Nov 1994 07:18:14

Hi, I need some help connecting a Linux box to a Sun workstation via
an ISDN connection. My question is how do I get Linux to talk to the
Sun through the Ethernet board to the ISDN bridges? I'm familiar with
how SLIP works, and I know how a direct Ethernet to Ethernet
connection works, but I'm not sure how an ISDN connection works.

Do I need to run something (e.g. dip) on the Linux and/or Sun side
before the machines can "see" each other? Or is the ISDN connection
"transparent" to both machines and all I need to do is setup the
standard networking files correctly?

Michael Wang


1. ISDN Modem config + Samba Config

Hi everybody,

    question from a newbie used to Windows NT....

I have a USR Courier IMODEM and an ISDN line. I have been
able to make it running with WNT 4.0 adding an extension string
in the Modem Configuration Panel like "*v2=0S67...." .

I was trying to use "kppp" to set up a dial up with my ISP but I was
not able to make it running. My question is the following :
    Is kppp the best utility for me to use or should I go  to "chat + ppp"
instead ?
    Should I use the "isdn4linux" package instead ?

Then I installed SAMBA and it works fine between the new Linux box and my
Laptop. My question is the following :
    Does it exist in GNOME or KDE an applet such as "Network Neighborhood"
    which shows the Computers I am currently able to browse?
    If yes, ok. If not, I guess I have to use the "smbmount" utility on the
command line,
    correct ?

Thanks a lot for any suggestion. If possible, I would apreciate also example
files for the modem.

Best regards


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