How to control the serial lines? (UPS related)

How to control the serial lines? (UPS related)

Post by Amit-Margal » Tue, 21 Jun 1994 17:07:58

I am about to develope a software package for Linux, that will read the "output"
of a UPS. The problem is this: The UPS does not report on serial. It has a
serial cable, but all the UPS does is to close a circuit when something happens.
It does not really send anything in.

My question is this: How do I control the actual serial port lines? And how do I
read their status. I need to write a generic routine that does that, so I can
later port this software to other SVR4 *IX'es.

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1. SAFE brand UPS serial interface/control questions

I have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that was made by SAFE (a
company I can't seem to find any more). Other than needing to replace
the batteries a few years ago, I've used the UPS without problems for
about 12 years now.

The UPS has a serial port that supplies status information about the UPS
but I have never previously tried to use it. I would like to find out
how to connect that serial port to my Linux box and have software, that
uses the information it provides, to cleanly shut down before the power
shuts off.

So, does anyone know anything about what happened to the SAFE UPS

Or, does anyone have the specifications of the serial port for my UPS
(SAFE model # S001-85025-01, 500A) and Linux compatible software for
using the information it provides to shut down cleanly?

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