GUI tools for Linux ?

GUI tools for Linux ?

Post by Shuo-jen » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 06:37:08

  I am just wondering that is there (will there be) any free(cheap) software
similar to uimx or project/Interface builder (for NeXT) for Linux available ?

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Yes, and I keep thinking it should have the ease of use of the old Appware
(from Novell) with the ability to wrap existing widgets into the
equivalent of the (Appware) Loadable Modules!

Unfortunately the company that bought Appware (Network Multimedia) is not
doing too much recently.  The website is down and the change of name
(MIcrobrew) turns any websearch for it into a nightmare.

However the ease of use is astonishing. A tool like that would let
beginners like me contribute much more.

Stefan Harms

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