Hawking Wireless PCMCIA card / pcmcia-cs

Hawking Wireless PCMCIA card / pcmcia-cs

Post by Shawn Mi » Mon, 12 Aug 2002 22:53:27

I downloaded (from hawking-tech.com) the linux driver for my wireless
card.  I ran into trouble installing it, and had to download and
install 'pcmcia-cs' from Sourceforge.

I did .Config, make all, and make install on both packages.  (I had to
do pcmcia-cs first, so that the Hawking driver would install.)

Then, I rebooted.  When I go into the Control Center (I'm using SuSE
8.0 Professional), it doesn't see another network device.  I chose
"Configure" and told it to install a pcmcia network card with DHCP.
Then, I rebooted.  (I know, there's got to be way to do everything
except replace the kernel without rebooting, but I don't know how.)
Still, I get nothing.  Does anyone know where to look?

The Hawking driver doesn't come with any documentation that I could
find.  There were 'doc' and 'man' folders, but neither contained
anything useful, and there was no README, just a file containing the
names of supported cards, a 'TODO' file, and a bugfix file.  The file
I downloaded can be gotten by going to the driver download section of
Hawkingtech.com and selecting the device WE011P.

Thank you,


1. Problems with Netgear MA311 Wireless NIC and pcmcia-cs package

I recently bought a *Netgear MA311 Wireless PCI NIC card* for my Redhat 7.2

Alas, I found out too late that Netgear does not have official drivers for
my card.

I then tried to download and install the Wireless Tools and Extensions and
the pcmcia-cs packages in the hopes that one of the drivers would work.

To install the pcmcia package I downloaded, I needed to upgrade my kernel.

I compiled and installed kernel 2.4.19 without pcmcia support.  To my
knowledge, this compilation worked. I am able to boot OK, and browse my root

When I installed pcmcia-cs with PCIC=i82365, and tried to start the services
like so:
            service pcmcia start
I received the following error:
            insmod of i82365.o failed.

On reboot the card is still not recognized.

I understand the replacing the card with one that is supported on Linux is
the quickest solution but I would really like to take a good shot at fixing
my present problem before I do that.

I understand that I am not very specific, so I hope you will guide my by
asking for clarification. I am linux newbie, so I don't know what pertinent
debug information to give.

All your help is appreciated....


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