Need values for ATI Wonder XL and Everdata monitor

Need values for ATI Wonder XL and Everdata monitor

Post by Curtis Hrisch » Sat, 03 Sep 1994 03:52:48

Hi.  It is my day 3 for trying to get X running on my linux box, after
no success.  My configuration is:
        - ATI VGA Wonder XL video card
        - Everdata 14" non-interlaced 1024x768 monitor (seems to have
        the same characteristics as a NEC 5d or Sony 1304).

I have tried XFconfig86, but all I get are error messages like:
"cannot cat /tmp/??????".  This occurs when running as root as well as
a regular user.  Then when I take the Xconfig file which was saved as
"Xconfig.test", and try to Fiddle with it, all I get are squiggly

Does somebody have such a configuration working?  Is there some
obvious thing I am missing?

Thanks for your help

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